CBSE Class IX Course List : Maths & Science

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 CBSE - Science
Chapter As Per NCERT Topic
Motion Introduction to Motion
Graphical Representation of Motion
Force and Laws of Motion Force
First Law of Motion
Momentum and Second Law of Motion
Third Law of Motion
Gravitation Kepler's Law of Gravitation
Universal Law of Gravitation
Thrust and Pressure
Archimedes Principles and Buoyancy
Work and Energy Work
Sound Production and Propagation of Sound
Reflection of Sound
Matter in our Surroundings States of Matter
Inter Conversion of States of Matter
Is Matter Around Us Pure? Types of Substances
Types of Mixtures
Methods of Separation of Mixtures
Atoms and Molecules Atoms and Molecules
Mole Concept
Structure of The Atom Atomic Models
Structure of an Atom
The Fundamental Unit of Life Introduction to Cell
Cell Structure
Tissues Plant Tissues
Animal Tissues
Diversity in Living Organisms Classification of Living Organisms 
The Plant Kingdom
The Animal Kingdom
Why Do We Fall Ill? Diseases
Transmission of Diseases
Natural Resources Natural Resources
Biogeochemical Cycles
Improvement in Food Resources Improvement of Crop Resources
Animal Husbandry
 CBSE - Mathematics
Chapter As Per NCERT Topic
Number System Irrational Numbers
Real Numbers
Operation On Real Numbers
Laws of Exponents
Polynomials Polynomials in One Variable
Remainder Theorem
Factor Theorem
Factorization of Polynomials Using Algebraic Identities
Co-Ordinate Geometry Cartesian Plane
Linear Equation in Two Variable Introduction to Linear Equation in Two Variables
Graphics Representation of Linear Equation in two Variables
Euclid Geometry Introduction to Euclid's Geometry
Lines and Angles Lines and Angles
Parallel Lines
Triangles Congruency of Triangles
Properties of Triangles
Inequalities in a Triangle
Quadrilaterals Quadrilateral and Its Types
Properties of a Parallelogram
Mid-Point Theorem
Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles Areas of Parallelograms
Areas of Triangles
Circles Basic Concepts of a Circle
Chords of a Circle
Arc of a Circle
Cyclic Quadrilaterals
Constructions Basic Constructions
Constructions of Triangles
Heron's Formula Heron's Formula
Surface Areas and Volumes Cube & Cuboid
Sphere & Hemisphere
Statistics Collection and Presentation of Data
Graphical Representation of data
Measures of Central Tendency
Probability Probability - Experimental Approach
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