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CBSE Class X: Maths and Science
CBSE Class IX: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VIII: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VII: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VI: Maths and Science

CBSE Science

Chemistry, Physics and Biology are integral parts of CBSE sciences. A recent survey shows that majority of CBSE students are facing problem with any or all of these sciences. Scrupulous planning, focussed efforts and committed preparation alone can make students succeed in the exams. LearnNext believes that CBSE science is not just learning 'about' science but 'doing' science.

Our LearnNext software gives equal emphasis on both theory and experiments. You have Lessons, Exercises, Experiments and Tests in an enticing multimedia form. You find opportunity to learn real-life problems, health conditions, environment, space; knowledge that is beyond the textbooks. At LearnNext, You find excellent online learning material for Energy, Fuels, the Sun and Nuclear Energy, Food Production, Reproduction, Management of Food Resources, Health, The Universe, the Earth System, Metals and Non-metals, Carbon and Its Compounds, Biosphere, Man and His Environment, Water, Air, Space Exploration and more.

LearnNext gave equal emphasis on the creative interplay of observations, experimentation and theoretical inferences. LearnNext has noted the importance of practical work in CBSE education and incorporated the practicals in the course content, which was appreciated by every student and parent. LearnNext has a team of expert Science teachers and online tutors, who can help you with CBSE Science questions, doubts, practicals, solutions etc for Class X and Class IX Science CBSE. LearnNext offers the best-in-class online learning software for CBSE Science for all classes.

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