CBSE Available Courses
Master the entire CBSE course content with LearnNext. The courses offered are as follows:

CBSE Class X: Maths and Science
CBSE Class IX: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VIII: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VII: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VI: Maths and Science

Online learning for CBSE Students

LearnNext revolutionises eLearning in India. With its innovative online learning platform for CBSE students, LearnNext provides online education for Maths and Science subjects of CBSE Class X and other classes. It is online tutor of your own to take classes, explain the CBSE concepts, prepare you for the exams and help you score higher in CBSE board exams. Ever since its launch, LearnNext has emerged as the first choice online learning product for Indian students and helped hundreds of students do better in their studies and exams.

LearnNext offers highly interactive online learning, online tutoring & assessment tools, easy to use multi-media interface, effective course content, on-demand web learning, self-paced learning with Individualized instruction, 'Ask Your Teacher' feature for personalized doubt clarification and flexible learning with both online and offline access to high-class online courseware for CBSE students

Students can avail self-learning feature for CBSE lessons, get personalised virtual learning, learn from online Tutorials, enjoy the best web-based learning experience online and improve their scores in academic exams conducted by CBSE, ICSE and state boards and competitive exams like AIEEE, AIPEE, PMT, PDT and AIAEE. Explore this unique software for online learning for CBSE students

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