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CBSE Class X: Maths and Science
CBSE Class IX: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VIII: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VII: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VI: Maths and Science

CBSE Maths

Are you afraid of Mathematics? Are you looking for a quality online learning for maths? Do you want homework help, concepts & assignments, CBSE exam preparation, solved exercises from NCERT books? LearnNext is the best solution. Subscribe to LearnNext CBSE software for excellent online learning and tutoring experience.

As students, we always have serious trouble with mathematics. Though India is renowned for its mathematical genius, students often complain about the difficulty with the Maths curriculum. This complaint is more prevalent among CBSE students. LearnNext is developed by teachers who have a thorough grasp of student mind. Our LearnNext is oriented to give thorough preparation and practice of all theorems, formulae of CBSE syllabus through CBSE sample papers and previous papers to be able to tackle Maths. Students can know how many marks are allotted for each chapter like Number Systems, CBSE Algebra, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Geometry, Mensuration, CBSE Statistics and Probability etc.

Marks distribution of mathematics question paper based on level of difficulty with 12 marks for Easy, 56 and 12 for Average and Difficult questions respectively. At LearnNext, students can master the concepts of maths with the help of CBSE board papers, latest syllabus details, new CBSE marks patterns, question papers, links to latest NCERT and CBSE books. Sound knowledge of maths helps in higher scores for not only CBSE exams but also exams like IIT, AIEEE and other competitive exams. We have a team of expert Maths teachers, who can help students with CBSE Maths problems, questions, doubts, solutions etc for Class X and Class IX maths CBSE. Logon to LearnNext and excel in Maths.

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