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CBSE Available Courses
Master the entire CBSE course content with LearnNext. The courses offered are as follows:

CBSE Class X: Maths and Science
CBSE Class IX: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VIII: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VII: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VI: Maths and Science

CBSE Exams

CBSE is the government agency that also takes care of other important exams also like Pre Medical Test (PMT), Pre Dental Test (PDT), All India Engineering Entrance Test (AIEEE), All India Pharmacy Entrance Test (AIPEE) and All India Architecture Entrance Test (AIAEE).

Countless number of students sit for CBSE exams every year. CBSE board conducts the secondary and senior secondary school examinations in India for over 5000+ affiliated schools to CBSE in India and abroad. CBSE keeps updating the syllabus, exam pattern and marking system to stay in sync with the changing demands and times. LearnNext knows the student mind-set that getting a good score in CBSE exams is not only a proof for academic merit but also a matter of privilege. Since marks in end-of-the year exams will help student shape his/her future, students put in their best effort and time in preparation for exams right from the start of academic year. LearnNext joins teachers and parents in extending their best support to students for securing higher marks in the exams. One of the most challenging aspects of being a student is SCORING HIGHER MARKS in the board exams.

Keeping this in mind, Tests at LearnNext are developed to sharpen your exam preparation and higher grades. LearnNext equips students with Preparation tips, previous papers, solved exercises and more. Test are categorised into Lesson Tests, Model Tests and Customised Tests. Our unique testing system will help you overcome exam phobia, assess your strengths & weaknesses and get HIGHER SCORES in CBSE exams with a unique 'All India percentile' feature which will compare your test scores with other students across the country. Take tests at LearnNext software today!!

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