CBSE Available Courses
Master the entire CBSE course content with LearnNext. The courses offered are as follows:

CBSE Class X: Maths and Science
CBSE Class IX: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VIII: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VII: Maths and Science
CBSE Class VI: Maths and Science

CBSE Books

Books are the best friends of students. CBSE Books not only provide the require knowledge of the subject but also help improve performance in the exams. Students can tone-up their preparation for exams through referring to the NCERT books. Students need to refer to various CBSE books and CBSE study material. LearnNext revolutionises the concept of e-learning through its path breaking technology and novel instruction designing methods. We at LearnNext have thoroughly researched all the prescribed books like study material, question banks, supplementary readers, work books of several Publishers and reference books like research papers, journals, case studies; so as to develop a unique and innovative online learning product for students.

Refer to our Library page on LearnNext for comprehensive list of downloads of CBSE syllabus, cbse books, sample question papers, exam date sheets, board exam papers, guess papers, questions & solutions from NCERT book and other resources. LearnNext designed as per the guidelines of NCERT books. LearnNext is an all-inclusive knowledge repository with the essence of CBSE Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc. in an interesting multimedia format at LearnNext. LearnNext takes pride in its path-breaking technology, teams of expert Subject Matter Experts, Instruction Designers & Online Tutors in India.

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