Formulae and Their Uses


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A formula is an equation that establishes a relationship among the variables involved in it. The subject of a formula is a variable that is expressed in terms of the other variables. The subject of a formula always lies on the left hand side of the equality sign. The coefficient of the subject of a formula is always one. The subject of a formula does not link with any other quantities. Finding the value of the subject by substituting the values of the other variables is called the evaluation of the subject of a formula. Formulae are used to calculate perimeters, areas of closed figures, volumes of solid objects, and so on.

Questions & Answers

1 . what is formula give some example
formula is estabilshing the relation among varabiles and constant involve in it
i think so.....
3 . What are the lenghts of the sides of the rectangle?
Let the breadth of the rectanle be 'x' cm
Length of the rectangle = (x + 20) cm
Perimeter of the rectagle...
4 . Find the present ages of the father and his son.
nice question its easy so try  to do it your self, i got the answer but you can do it your self easily
5 . What is the income of Ramesh?
Let the income of Ramesh be Rs x.
Part of the income given to son = x/3
Part of the income given to daughter =...