Rest and Motion




Activities & Simulations

Activity 1

phet.colorado has created an excellent java applet to describe the motion with respect to the position, displacement and acceleration. Using this we can recor the motion and also can replay the recorded motion.
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Activity 2 has created the Java applet that shows a car moving with constant acceleration. Using this Java applet we can vary the values of initial position, initital velocity and acceleration. We choose the option "Slow motion." 
  • Three diagrams illustrate the motion of the vehicle
  • Position x versus time t
  • Velocity v versus time t
  • Acceleration a versus time t
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Questions & Answers

1 . explain motion
Motion is the action of moving or just a displacement.
2 . Rest and motion are relative terms
You are sitting in a flying aeroplane and looking out of its window. Are you in a state of rest or in a state of motion? Explain...
3 . Examples of periodic and non-periodic motions
Examples of periodic motion: 
1. The motion of the bob of the simple pendulum
2. Motion of a planet around the sun
4 . Working of a suspension bridge

Answer:  The suspension bridge Balances though it is not having pillars  because  suspension bridges have beams sup...
5 . a rotating fan is fixed to our earth which is also rotating. what motion is that?

Answer:  As fan is rotating it is called rotatory motion with respect to a reference point on the earth and...