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The type of nutrition in fungi is saprophytic.Parasites depend on host for their food Without killing them to meet basic needs is parasitic nutrition. The type of Nutrition in amoeba is holozoic.The type of Nutrition in paramecium is holozoic.The process  of breakdown of complex molecules into simple molecules is digestion. Mouth, buccal cavity, pharynx, oesophagus, stomach, intestine, rectum and anus are the parts of Digestive system.Glottis has a cartilaginous flap called Epiglottis.Wave like muscle contractions of alimentary canal that pass the food bolus is Peristalsis.

Partially digested food in the stomach is Chyme.Largest digestive gland  is Liver.Digestive juice secreted by liver is Bile Juice. An organ stores bile juice is gall bladder.Digestive juice secreted by pancreas is Pancreatic juicePosterior part of small intestine is IleumSmall finger like projections of  the wall of  ileum are Villi.Rectum is a part of large intestine which absorbs water from undigested food.Appendix is vestigial and an extended part of lower end of rectum of human.Anus is an opening of rectum which ejects excreta.Saliva protects tooth due to presence of amylase , lysozyme and minerals.

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