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CBSE Calls for Feedback on Open Text Based Assessment

CBSE Calls for Feedback on OTBA

The Central Board of Secondary Education to assess the recently introduced Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) for classes 9th and 11th has asked for suggestions from teachers, principals, students and parents on various aspects of the same.

OTBA was introduced in 2013 for classes 9th and 11th, for which the students appeared this academic year. The OTBA comprised questions based on higher order thinking skills to help students analyze the situations in the exam and draw conclusion from it.

Based on the responses by various schools, steps will be taken to modify the scheme and extend it to other subjects and classes for the 2014-15 academic year. However, the feedback must be given to the board by the 25th of March.

The board is discussing on extending the OTBA to classes 10th and 12th as well in addition to adding the same to the junior classes too. OTBA is a great tool to encourage understanding in students rather than emphasizing on rote learning.

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CBSE Provides 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Helpline for Students

CBSE Provides Helpline to Students

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has always worked towards making examination less stressful for the students. As a result, the board is maintaining a helpline number 1800-11-8002, which is toll-free. In addition to helping the students of class 10th and 12th, the helpline assists the candidates of CTET and JEE Mains exam as well. the helpline is available all 7 days in the week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Apart from the helpline, the board has from the 2014 academic also announced the inclusion of formulas in the various subjects in the examination question paper. The main aim of undertaking such steps by the board is to help students actually understand what they study rather than just mugging up.

Subject committees have been set to design the new question papers where the students will use their understanding and the analytical skills of the respective subject to answer the questions. This new pattern is implemented for class 11th in the 2014-15 academic year while for class 12th it will be done in 2015-16 academic year.

Another step towards the aim taken by the board is the Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) for all the subjects for class 9th and 3 for class 12th students. The OTBA pattern provides the students study material beforehand and will be answering application based questions on the same. Samples have been provided to the students by the board encouraging application based learning and reducing rote learning.

Important phone numbers:

General Enquiry: 91-11-22509256/59
CBSE Helpline Number: 1800-11-8002
JEE (Mains) Enquiry: 8506061071/78

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Open Text Book Assessment in Braille by CBSE

CBSE Getting OTBA Material in Braille for Visually Impaired Students

The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to transcribe the material for the Open Book Test into Braille as well, making it friendly with the latest innovation for the visually challenged students appearing.

According the CBSE Education Officer, Sugandh Sharma, the board would have taken this step much earlier had any teacher or school approached them. However, when Deccan Herald mentioned that the visually challenged students do not have the adequate open text book material, this matter was taken up. As a result, the board has decided to provide these students with printed Braille material for the test.

The process of converting the Open Text Book reading material to the Braille system has been started by the Joint Director in the CBSE Board, Ram Shankar. This step will surely help the visually challenged students in understanding the new concept better.

The Open Text Book Assessment will be held for classes IX and XI and is applicable to the main subjects i.e. Hindi, English, Mathematics, Social Science and Science for the former, while for the latter the subjects are Biology, Economics and Geography.

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CBSE Releases the Open Text Based Material

CBSE Board Releases the Open Text Based Material in Schools

All the formalities regarding the Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) have been completed and the CBSE Board has released the pictorial material and the text for the respective classes. The question paper will be based on the provided text and pictorial material only.

OTBA is to be conducted only for classes IX and XI and will form a part of the final exams in March 2014. The OTBA material for class IX has been provided for all the major subjects including English, Mathematics, Hindi, Social Science and Science, while for class XI, the subjects include only Economics, Geography and Biology for the current academic year. The text material will be given a month in advance to the students and they will be during the exams also allowed to refer to the same.

As told by Vinned Joshi, chairman of the CBSE Board, the OTBA will comprise questions of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) being creative, subjective and open-ended types. The text material will however be based on selective topics taken from the syllabus itself. Further, the OTBA content provided to the students can be in various forms including case study, article, concept/mind map, diagram, cartoon/picture or situation/problem based on the different concepts being taught to the students during the second term.

The Board has even reworked on the overall distribution of marks in order to accommodate the OTBA scores in the marks of the main subjects itself. The question papers of the main subjects in the Summative Assessment (SA1)-II will comprise 90 marks (English of 70 marks and 20 marks for assessment of speaking and listening skills) as per the design of the question paper and prescribed syllabus.

The question paper for each subject will have a separate section for OTBA carrying 10 marks respectively. This section will consists of a text material accompanied with 2-3 questions based on the former. These text based questions will be extrapolative, open-ended, inferential and look at personal response to justify a view point.

The academic director at the CBSE Board, Sadhana Parashar, has asked the concerned teachers at the schools to read, discuss and analyze and that the teachers must focus on understanding the OTBA content, its objective and outcomes.

She further said that the teachers should assign the text material to the students in groups for understanding, analysis and discussion among them. The key objective of introducing OTBA is to help relieve students from the stress and burden of mugging up the course material, thereby providing them with opportunities in inculcating analysis and inference, comprehensive and information processing skills.

The teachers are expected to guide the students and provide feedback in addition to encourage open responses from them in solving different situations. They can even develop questions based on the given text and ask for answers from the students by applying concepts, comparison and inference and further extrapolation.

You can download the Open Text Based Material from the official website of the Board.

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Text Material for Open Book Examination to be Available in Schools Next Month – CBSE

Text Material for the open book examination will be available in schools from next month by CBSE

The CBSE Board has recently announced that the text material for the first Open Book Examination to be held in November will be send to the respective schools the next month. The Open Text-Based Assessment (OTBA) is meant to be conducted specifically for the students of classes IX and XI where they will be given the material certain number of weeks before the examination. The students can expect questions to be based on higher order thinking skills.

The marks earned in the OTBA by the students will be considered in the summative exams II as well considering that the classes now follow the CCE scheme. The SA-II will contain question papers from main subjects comprising 90 marks and based on a prescribed syllabus. The question for every major subject will contain a separate section of 10 marks set for OTBA.

The different OTBA sections will consists of a text material based on which the students will have to answer two or three questions. These text based question will of the application level where the students will be required to apply to the respective situation in the given case study/ article/ report and thereby conclude from the same. These questions further will be open ended, inferential and extrapolative and will look for a personal response with a justified view point.

Only Economics, Geography and Biology are considered for class XI students. However both IX and XI students will sit for OTBA as part of their final examinations scheduled in March.

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