Indian Grand Prix 2013 Trophy Revealed

Indian Grand Prix 2013 Trophy Has Been Unveiled

The winning trophy of the prestigious and most talked about event Indian Grand Prix 2013 has been revealed. The winner of the Formula 1 race going to be held on October 25th, 2013 in Noida at Buddha International Circuit will be getting trophy which is the amalgamation of the traditional Indian touch and the contemporary style.

The trophy has been designed by Michael Foley a leading industrial Designer from Bangalore and comprises of all the aspects which one can think of when it comes to the cup of the Grand Indian Prix. The trophy is a sure combination of technology, sports, entertainment, glamour and youth all packed in one masterpiece. One can make out plethora of elements embedded in the same from both the traditional and the Modern India in the trophy.

Features of the Indian Grand Prix Trophy 2013

The Grand Prix cup is designed of a total of 24 metal silvers, an inspiration from the 24 spokes in the Ashok Chakra brought together around the axis. The interesting fact here is that, to make sure that the trophy doesn’t get too heavy; light-weight aluminuim Aircraft equivalent has been used to describe the fusion.

Moreover, the three Indian Flag colors saffron, white and green have been entrenched between the silvers in the gaps to give a refined expression of the tricolor in the National Flag. To complete the astounding cup Ion-plating of anodized aluminuim has been done which in turn creates a perfectly unique blend of the metallic red, black and silver in the cup.

Image Source: Motoroids

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