The ‘Green Olympiad’ project has been conducted across the world since 1999, by ‘The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)’ for classes VIII to X. The exam is particularly conducted by the “Educating Youth for Sustainable Development Division’ for TERI.

Participating in the Olympiad is considered as an ultimate opportunity for the students to test their Environmental Quotient. The theme of the Olympiad is the issues and concerns in our lives in relation to the environment and sustainable development.

The Olympiad has questions based on the various environment issues, which in turn directly link to the curriculum in the schools, as it is the latter which evaluates the sensitivity of students towards the environment.

Features of Green Olympiad:

• The Exam dates are 31st August 2013 and 28th September 2013. Every school affiliated to a respective board and educational trust can participate and select only one date as per convenience.
• The exam is open to students in VIII-X only and can be taken in either English or Hindi medium. The respective school itself will be the center of the exam.
• The students can register through the school only and individual registration is not allowed.
• Every school needs to have a minimum participation of 20 students.
• Each participant has to pay a registration fee of 50.00 to the school. The school needs to send the total amount through a Demand Draft in the favour of TERI, Payable at New Delhi. Cheques and cash will not be accepted.
• Also, the schools for every 20 registered participants can retain an amount of 100.00 and 2500.00 for over 500 participants in respect to logistics and expenditure to be incurred for holding the exam in the premises.
• The registration for the Olympiad closes on the 20th July 2013 for duly filled forms and late entries will not be accepted.
• The duration of the exam is 2 where the participants will be required to answer 100 Multiple Choice Questions. There is NO negative marking.
• The students will be notified for the roll numbers on once the registration process is completed.
• The results will also be announced on and the list of marks with certificates will be sent to the respective schools.
• All the participants will get a participation certificate recognized by the Ministry of
• Environment & Forests, Government of India

To download the registration form for Green Olympaid click here

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18 Responses to CBSE TERI ‘GREEN OLYMPIAD’ III 2013

  1. arun says:

    learn next 4 the futre

  2. Anurag says:

    When will the answers be published?

  3. himanshu says:

    green Olympiad sample question paper on 28 September,2013

  4. ajith says:

    I need sample paper of green olympid which will be conducted on k.v bairagarh on 28/09/2013.i need today

  5. rakshitha says:

    green olympiad- a real exam for my knowledge of the environment!

  6. Ribhav says:

    i need d paper of tomorrow ( sample paper) nowww…. plzzz

  7. sirisha says:

    i need a sample paper for this exam

  8. samarth joshi says:

    i want to know my result of green olymiad

  9. ahmad nadiya says:

    i like this olympiad very much

  10. Ritwik Utkarsh says:

    I forgot my roll number which I got during the examination of green Olympiad Held on 31st August. I am having difficulties in searching for my results. How can I get my Roll Number. Please help me.

  11. Ritwik Utkarsh says:

    I need my roll number for the exam which I gave on 31st august so that I can search for the results.

  12. YOUR PARTNER says:

    I have also forgot my roll no. Please help me too.

  13. elsa eapen says:

    I am not able to find my school or school code in the list.I am from Kerala Calicut and a student of Devagiri CMI Public school.

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