CBSE Solved Maths SA1 Sample Papers

LearnNext Brings CBSE Solved Maths SA1 Sample Papers for Classes 6th to 10th

Well, now that CBSE has stopped publishing sample papers, revising and practicing especially the practical subjects might be a problem for many students. The aim of the board behind this was to help students study on their own rather than relying on the sample papers. But, there are no worries when you have LearnNext!

LearnNext brings you solved Math sample papers for classes 6, 7, 8 and Summative Assessment 1 Sample Papers for classes 9th and 10th.

There is 1 sample paper each for every class i.e. 6th, 7th and 8th while you can find 2 SA1 sample papers each for classes 9th and 10th with solutions for every sample paper for all the classes.

The sample papers are prepared by LearnNext Subject Matter Experts as per the CBSE Board patterns and trends. We know that students consider sample papers to understand the question paper pattern and what to expect in the examinations.

So, stop worrying and find the sample papers just a click away and start revising to reach the top.

Download Sample Papers for your respective classes.

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84 Responses to CBSE Solved Maths SA1 Sample Papers

  1. i want to a sample paper from sa1

  2. diksha says:

    i want sets of ppaaer

  3. muhammed mufeed says:

    plseee give me sa1 question papers for all subjet

  4. Yazhini says:

    Yup plssss i need sample sa1 papers for all the subjects. This would really help me alot.
    And exams are going on for u people right???? exams r going on for me

  5. Yazhini says:

    Yessss I need sample sa1 papers for all the subjects.This would really help me alot.
    Exams r going on for me how abt u people

  6. Rabiya Khan says:

    i am also in need of sample papers for SA1. Our exams are going on and our next paper is maths on monday.please can anyone provide sample papers for maths

  7. perrin says:

    the sample paper 1′s solution for grade 9 is not working
    any suggestion??

  8. anamika says:

    something is wrong i am not able 2 get sample papers……………

  9. archa says:

    pls tell the way 2 get sample papers….pls…………

  10. Sumayya says:

    What’s the marking scheme for maths? As in chapter marks…

  11. Shalini says:

    please……can u provide sample papers for soial studies and English also……..within 3-4 days.i need it urgently….

  12. Shalini says:

    please……can u provide sample papers for soial studies and English also……..within 3-4 days….i need it urgently….

  13. Prakatish P. R says:

    I want some sample papers for sceience and maths can u guys get it for me.

  14. anusha gupta says:

    from where can i get the marking scheme of sa1 maths paper class 10

  15. Vaishnavi Gupta says:

    Do you have the sample papers of science class6 Summative Assessment 1,2.Please reply.

  16. sarah says:

    hey there is no sample question paper for maths on your website…………

  17. rishabh says:

    from where can i get the marking scheme of sa1 maths paper class 10

  18. kichu mohan says:

    i want 9th maths question paper from 2011 to 2013

  19. padho padho ……………………….

  20. I want question paper of class 9 as per cce patern

  21. babita says:

    I want examplar of maths ninth class

  22. jonkary says:

    i want question papers ha ha ha

  23. Chris DSouza says:

    Dear Respected,

    I want the Question Papers From SA1

  24. hisham says:

    iwant maths ouestion paper immediatly of SA1 please today or tommorrow okay plse thursday ihave exam maths 8th plse

  25. AAMIR SOHAIL says:

    Thanks dude

  26. sagarika says:

    I need sample paper of maths for class9 cbse with solution……. Where will I get ?????????

  27. Thomas says:

    i need sample paper for class 9 urgently

  28. Ashutosh Garg says:

    please give me a maths sample paper sa1

  29. muthu says:

    Hi Can i get sample question paper for class 8 in social and english immediately?

  30. Samuel says:

    i need the 2013-2014 maths SA1 question pappers…
    can you plzzz say me…!!!

  31. eram khan says:

    pls i want cbse class 10 all subjects papers ………………… can i get them …………

    help ,help ………………… pls provide them……………..!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. sarath says:

    i need the answer key of 10th class sa1 mathematics exam

  33. janani says:

    i want so many sample paper for FA1 FA2 SA1 FA3 FA4 SA2 PLEASE REPLY ME

  34. keyur says:

    pls u give me paper of science and maths only because retest was there that s why pls give me a tone two days pls pls pls pls pls class 9

  35. sana says:

    the want the key of maths paper sa1 2013 plz help :)

  36. Excelonz says:

    Sample paper is the best way to give finishing for your examination in short amount of time.
    Thanks for sharing useful link to download sample paper

  37. gouthami says:

    plzzz send me the sample papers of all subjects of sa2 becoz our moc exams are going to start from mondayy plllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  38. Krishna Chaitanya says:

    Hi Learn next… I Want 2014 Sa 1 And Sa 2 Papers…Please And I Am In 9th…Help Me…Or You Can Give Any Sample Papers also…

  39. mark says:

    hello.. can u pls provide mee maths smple paprs of 2013 wid sol. … pls hlp me itz urgnt…!!

  40. sa1 solving paper of sample paper

  41. maths sa1 paper cbse

  42. meeee says:

    i didn’t get the paper… excuse me

  43. Ojus says:

    do u have solved question papers for maths 9…..sa1……it will be very useful if i find it out….plzz help me

  44. minu says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yr i want to practice more and more in maths coz practise make a man perfect so ppppllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me questions with answers ………………………….

  45. anusha says:

    yahooooooooooooooooo i got it

  46. suraj says:

    I want vII-a class sa 1 2013 papers

  47. shruti suman mohapatra says:

    i need some maths sample papers as soon as possible which would help in my sa1 exams of class 10

  48. munni says:

    i want to a sample paper from sa1

  49. nandhana says:

    i got it..thanks…

  50. bala says:

    me too send class 7 all the subject question paper the exams are getting near plllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  51. vaishnavi says:

    i need last year 10th sa1 cbse questions with answer plz help me


    i want the previous year papers of class 6 sa-1. agar aaap me dum hein to mujhe paper ka link bhej do

  53. Shrutika says:

    can i get solved sample paper for all subjects

  54. Vishal says:

    I want the latest sample paper of maths, i.e., of 2014-15……..Pls reply

  55. faisal says:

    please give me class 10 sa1 paper

  56. neha shukla says:

    nice bt give me the sample paper of english

  57. Subhanshu sood says:

    I need sample paper of class 8th of mathematics cbse of 2012 to 2013 plzzzzzzz……. Reply…..

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