CBSE schools to conduct exams on mobile phones


It is known that technology saves time and makes life easier. To reaffirm this fact, some CBSE schools in Bangalore have now gone the technological way. Students will soon type in their answers on a mobile phone.This initiative is taken up by a private firm, Education Initiatives, the project Detailed Assessment, has been adopted by 13 schools in the city. The test is held through mobile phones: The teacher sends the question via Bluetooth to the handsets and students choose their options. The final received data of students is uploaded to a centralized server.

What this means for students:
The students will be tested in new ways and will gain exposure to different types of testing. The tests conducted via mobile phones require high application skills and will help teachers understand the strengths and weaknesses of the student. However, this form of testing is not competitive and may not bring the best out of the student. But it is heartening to see the willingness of CBSE to experiment with new technologies.

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