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Seema varghese

Jun 13 2013

Satyanarayana answered 7 month(s) ,18 day(s) ago

How to prepare

How to prepare a seminar report

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Satyanarayana, LearnNext Subject Matter Expert
228 days, 13 hours ago
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Ans: Keep all your PPTs ready for the seminar (the most essential thing).
Check the following
  • Focus on the key points and the content. Should be aware of the back ground of the seminar topic.
  • Read the content yourself in loud manner, then you can find if something went wrong( before start of seminar).
  • In order to convey the message use simple and straightforward language.
  • Start the seminar with confidence.
  • Tell your audience why your seminar topic is interesting and important and different.
  • Spell your words properly, there should be no error.
  • Try to make it short, interesting and audience oriented.
  • Once you complete your seminar, tell all the important points in a summary.
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